Our Partners

Sydney Dance Company’s Partners provide the vital support we need to commission new works, share them with audiences around Australia and overseas, grow our education program and support emerging talent.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our Take A Step Capital Campaign, Commissioning Fund, Touring Fund, Education Fund and Partner Program. We would also like to thank our Partners who wish to remain anonymous.


NSW Government

The Neilson Foundation
The Wales Family Foundation
Jane and Andrew Clifford
Simon Mordant AM and Catriona Mordant AM
Carla Zampatti AC

Julian Knights AO and Lizanne Knights

Pam and Doug Bartlett
Kiera Grant and Mark Tallis
Mark Hassell
The Alexandra and Lloyd Martin Family Foundation
Karen Moses
Emma-Jane Newton and Chris Paxton
Mary Zuber

Peter and Liz Brownie
Judi Wolf and Alden Toevs
Paul Brady and Christine Yip
Brett Clegg and Annabel Hepworth
Jane and Richard Freudenstein
Cullman Family Fund
David Mathlin
Sandra McCullagh
Ezekiel Solomon AM

Rafael Bonachela and Joe Lawler
Michelle Boyle
Jillian Broadbent AC and Olev Rahn
Janice and Tony Burke
Debbie Coffey
Alexandra Considine
Jade and Richard Coppleson
Anne Dunn and Patricia Buick
Leigh Garvan
Donna and Carl Jackson
Tina and Mark Johnson
Longreach Ownership Trust
Macquarie Group Foundation
Andrew Messenger
Rohan Morris
Lizzi Nicoll
Margaret Payn
Nick Read
Peter Reeve and Jaycen Fletcher
Chrissy Sharp and Michael Lynch
Leslie Stern
Victoria Taylor
Susan Wynne

Robert Albert AO & Elizabeth Albert
The Balnaves Foundation
Crown Resorts Foundation
Julian Knights AO & Lizanne Knights
Jules Maxwell
Andrew Messenger
Naomi Milgrom AO
Judith Neilson AM
The Neilson Foundation
Gretel Packer
Packer Family Foundation
Thyne Reid Foundation
The Wales Family Foundation
Carla Zampatti Foundation
Mary Zuber

Performance Partners $20,000+

Manuela Darling-Gansser and Michael Darling
The John and Frances Ingham Foundation
Sarah and Robby Ingham
Susan Maple-Brown AM and the late Robert Maple-Brown AO
Sandra McCullagh (in tribute to my mum)
Nelson Meers Foundation
Karen Moses
Beau Neilson and Jeffrey Simpson
Roslyn Packer AC

Studio Partners $10,000+

The Agnew Family
Pam and Doug Bartlett
Black Diamondz Property Concierge
Paul Brady and Christine Yip
Jillian Broadbent AC and Olev Rahn
Peter and Liz Brownie
Janice and Tony Burke
Brett Clegg and Annabel Hepworth
Jane and Andrew Clifford
Jade and Richard Coppleson
Judy Crawford
Cullman Family Fund
Dr Michelle Deaker
Susie Dickson and Martin Dickson AM
David Fite and Danita Lowes
Kay Freedman and the late Ian Wallace
Kiera Grant
Andrew and Emma Gray
Doug Hall Foundation
Memocorp Australia Pty Ltd
Mr and Mrs McCullagh
Erin Ostadal and the late Billy Ostadal
peckvonhartel architects
John Prescott AC and Jennifer Prescott
Ruth Ritchie Family Fund
Dick and Pip Smith
Alden Toevs and Judi Wolf
Alastair J M Walton
Yang Yang

Duet Partners $5,000+

Aniek Baten
Colin Bell and Donna-May Bolinger
Andrew Cameron AM
Jean-Marc and Kirsten Carriol
Robert Crossman
Mike Dixon and Dee De Bruyn
Suellen and Ron Enestrom
James and Jacqui Erskine
George Frazis
Ian Galloway and Linda Treadwell
Margaret Gibbs
John Griffiths and Beth Jackson
Mak Hassell
Rose Herceg
Linda Herd
Fraser Hopkins
Jackson Family and Friends
Tina and Mark Johnson
John Kaldor AO
Macquarie Group Foundation
William Manning
Alexandra Martin in memory of Lloyd Martin AM
Carina Martin
Jane McCallum
Clare Munnelly
Paris Neilson and Todd Buncombe
Roslyn Packer AC
David Park
Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM
Peter Reeve and Jaycen Fletcher
Kellie and Warryn Robertson
Rossi Foundation
Penelope Seidler AM
Peter and Victoria Shorthouse
Bianca Spender
Mark Stanbridge
Leslie Stern
Lorraine Tarabay and Nick Langley
Victoria Taylor
Turnbull Foundation
David Vitek
Barbara Wilby and Christopher Joyce
Ray Wilson OAM
Adam Worling Public Relations
Di Yeldham
Ursula Zaoui

Dance Partners $2,000+

ADFAS Sydney
Ralph Ashton
Paul Bedbrook
John and Susan Blue
Philip and Catherine Brenner
Jane Bridge
Lisa Burquest
Liliana Caputo and Jason Pantzer
Peter Chadwick
Paul R. Espie
Annalise Fairfax
Belinda Gibson
Girgensohn Foundation
Julie Godfrey
Bradford Gorman and Dean Fontana
Gabrielle Iwanow
David Jonas and Desmon Du Plessis
Elias and Jana Juanas
Agata Kenna
Les Kennedy
Marina and Richard Leong
Susie Manfred and Hunter McPherson
Andrew and Del McGuiness
CA Scala and DB Studdy
Ezekiel Solomon AM
Allegra Spender and Mark Capps
Vanape Pty Ltd

Rehearsal Partners $1,000+

Lenore Adamson and the late Ross Adamson
Antoinette Albert
Jana Bartsch
Ian Belgiorno-Zegna
Carrie and Steve Bellotti
Benmill Pty Ltd & JB No 3 Pty Ltd
Berg Family Foundation
Natalie Best
Ceclia and Eckhart Bischoff
Maxine Brenner
Jacqui Burton
Janine Collins
Rob Coombe
Susanne De Ferranti
Daniel and Lyndell Droga
Carmel Dwyer
Jacqueline Galbraith and Michael Harvey
Amber Gooley
Rosemary Grant
Ben Harlow
John Head
Sue Hoopmann
Charles and Joey Hue-Williams
Sarah Hue-Williams
Michael Ihlein
Allen Iu and Bernadette Walker
Tony Jones
Elias and Jana Juanas
Virginia Judge
Josephine Key and Ian Breden
Joanne Killen
Carol Lewis and Ian Ashby
Christina Ludwigson
Heidi and Jordan Martin
Jacqueline O’Brien
Dr Lisa O’Brien
Tony O’Regan
K Palghat
Marion Pascoe
Greeba Pritchard
Kate Richardson and Chris Marrable
Alida Stanley
Ross Steele AM
Janine Stewart
Howard and Mary Tanner
Stuart Thomas
Mike Thompson
Sylvia Tooth
Yates Family

Ensemble Partners $250-$999

Dr Cynthia à Beckett and Gordon Smith
Annie and Doug Aitken
ArchMove Collective
Diego Balagna
John Barrer
Bill and Marissa Best
Minnie Biggs
Margaret Blok
David Bluff
Sarah Brasch
Matty Burton
Kerrie Cai
Stephen Chase and Colette Baini
Min Li Chong
Zoë Cobden-Jewitt and Peter Jewitt
Wendy and Steve Cooper
Davidov Partners Architects
Dr Suresh de Silva and Dr Katja Beitat
Tanya Diesel
Robyn and John Fennell
Marilyn Anne Forbes
Helen Forrester
Elizabeth and Ben Gilbert
Domenico Giuliano
Gabrielle Gollan
James Gribble
Rachael Haggett
Nabeel and Marian Ibrahim
The Teresa Johnson Ballet School
Robert Kidd
Susan Kirby
Andrew and Charlotte Lennox
McKeage Cole Foundation
Simon Oaten
Stephen O’Rourke
Mark Royle
Norman R Scott
Jillian Segal AM
Jann Skinner
Emma and Duncan Snodgrass
Jan Sundell OAM
Greta Thomas
Guy Thompson
Natalie Vanstone
John and Gay Woods
Matthew Yovich
Monica Zhao


Doug Hall Foundation Scholarship
The Wales Family Foundation Scholarship
Mary Zuber Scholarship
Tim Fairfax AC

The Estate of C.R. Adamson
The Estate of Patricia Cameron-Stewart
The Estate of Janet Fischer
The Estate of Patricia Leehy
The Estate of Peggy Watson (Raczkowska)