Heath Wilder

Heath is the current CRM and Ticketing Manager for Sydney Dance Company; a successful merge of his training as an arts nerd and a data nerd. An award winning actor and director, he started performing professionally whilst studying for his Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Sydney, before completing his Bachelors of acting at UWS Nepean.

Heath joined Sydney Dance Company in 2017. Since then he’s built the company’s very first self ticketed season, project managed their TNEW site setup, implemented Donor Memberships and kicked off Ticketing for Education all while teaching himself how to spell SQL. Previously he has held roles as Ticketing Specialist and Box Office Manager at Sydney Theatre Company, Ticketing Sales at Sydney Opera House and consulted on CRM and Ticketing internationally. Heath has worked in theatre, film and TV and has been a Tessitura user since 2012. He has a love of all things ticketing and CRM and strongly denies being Batman.

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