Interplay L'Chaim. Photo by Wendell Teodoro

Experience Sydney Dance Company from a very different perspective

03 January 2018


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be on stage with Sydney Dance Company, or wished you could get close enough to see their expressions as they perform those fabulous moves, then we’ve got the perfect Sydney Festival event for you!

Created in collaboration with ACMI, Stuck in the Middle With You is a FREE 8 minute Virtual Reality experience that will take you on stage with the dancers, up close and personal, to experience dance from a very different perspective.

The basis for Stuck in the Middle With You is Gideon Obarzanek’s L’Chaim, created for Sydney Dance in 2014. L’Chaim illustrates a conversation between a dancing ensemble and a curious spectator, providing the stepping stone for ACMI and film-maker Matthew Bate of Closer Productions to immerse the viewer in dance, and to demonstrate what dance, film and theatre could become in the future of virtual reality. Don the headset and headphones and decide: are you bearing witness to the spectacle, or are you part of the choreography?

Stuck in the Middle With You is FREE at the Festival Village from 5 – 24 Jan, for more information visit the website.

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