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Donor Spotlight: Ian Galloway

04 June 2019

Ian Galloway has been generously supporting Sydney Dance Company since the 1980s and remains a passionate and active donor, encouraging his personal networks to also support the Company. Read more about Ian’s journey with us and how he encourages those who are passionate about dance to support the art form.

“My introduction to Sydney Dance Company came by chance in the early 1980s. I saw Graeme Murphy in his production of Poppy at the old Regent Theatre. It blew me away. I was hooked, and I have attended every new production over the ensuing years.

Sydney Dance Company has to me, over that part of its 50 years that I have witnessed, exemplified dance in its purist form. There is a freedom and willingness within the Company to explore new ideas and expression through dance in an uninhibited and, in many times, unexpected way. This tradition has continued to flourish under Rafael Bonachela.

The dedication and commitment of the dancers of Sydney Dance Company is by far one of the most impressive aspects of the Company. The physical and mentally challenging demands placed upon them are difficult if not impossible to describe. As a supporter, I receive a glimpse of those demands via behind the scenes rehearsals and functions. I am constantly amazed at their dedication.

I will proudly continue to support Sydney Dance Company and would recommend that anyone who is passionate about dance to also support such a fabulous group of young performers.”

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