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Contemporary Youth Courses

Sydney Dance Company Contemporary Youth Courses are for young people excited by dance. Held on weekends during school term time, classes run for 8 weeks and are challenging, inspiring and fun!

Contemporary Youth Courses
Sydney Dance Company
for ages 8 to 18


Term 1 17 Feb to 7 April
Term 2 12 May to 30 June
Term 3 4 August to 22 September
Term 4 20 October to 8 December

Ages 8-11
8 x Sundays, 1.45pm-3pm

Ages 12-15
8 x Sundays, 3pm-4.30pm

Youth Ensemble, ages 14-18
24 x Sundays, 10.30am-1.30pm

Via application only. 2019 applications are now closed.

Upfront fee with 5% discount $1,377.50 due 8 February 2019


Instalment 1 ($800.00): due 15 February 2019
Instalment 2 ($650.00): due 15 May 2019

Fee includes Sydney Dance Company t-shirt.

Sydney Dance Company is an Active Kids Provider which enables parents, guardians and carers to claim a $100 voucher to put towards the cost of the courses. Apply for your voucher here and download the PDF application form here. Email the form and Active Kids voucher to Alternatively you can book online and send the Active Kids voucher through to receive up to a $100 refund.



ReadyMade Works
Level 1, 247–257 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo


Sydney Dance Company teachers and choreographers are experienced dancers and teachers.  Our industry experienced teachers will nurture and challenge each young person to achieve their best possible outcome.  With industry experience and a passion for teaching they provide support and guidance to all students.  All our teaching staff have a valid Working With Children Check.

Contact us:
02 9258 4818



Sydney Dance Company’s contemporary youth courses are exciting, challenging and innovative. Designed to mirror the processes used in Sydney Dance Company’s rehearsal studios, courses offer opportunities to develop contemporary dance techniques and improvisation skills whilst exploring creativity.  Working collaboratively with other creative young dancers and dance makers of various ages and ability levels in a supportive environment will enable young people to fully experience the world of contemporary dance.

Classes are offered every school term and run in 8-week blocks. Each term has a different focus to allow for ongoing development throughout the year, however new students are welcome to join at the start of any term. Our teachers are experienced in catering to all ability and experience levels. The first week of each term will include a refresher of the key learning points of previous terms.

Parents and friends are invited to watch the last half hour of the final class of each term, allowing dancers to share their development in an informal showing in the studio.


Contemporary Dance for ages 8 to 11

This fun, dynamic course in contemporary dance is specifically designed for children aged 8-11 years. Classes throughout the year cover improvisation skills, development of strength and flexibility, musical awareness, creative process, floor work and other foundational contemporary dance techniques. Young dancers will be involved in exercises and tasks which will build their creativity and confidence through carefully scaffolded classes aimed to challenge and support dancers from beginner up to more experienced levels.


Contemporary Dance for ages 12 to 15

Designed to stimulate and inspire young dancers, this course will promote greater understanding of contemporary dance techniques and develop confidence in improvisation and choreographic skills. Students will focus on strength and flexibility and the development of their own movement style while developing skills in floor work, movement dynamics and travelling sequences.  Collaborating in a creative environment, students will be exposed to structured improvisation exercises and choreographic task work that leads to the creation of new movement.  By harnessing their own creativity, students will develop their own unique movement vocabulary and will also be taught various phrases from Sydney Dance Company’s repertoire, giving them insight into the technical and performance requirements of contemporary dance style at a professional level.


Focus Area Development

Please see attached document which demonstrates the progression and depth of content covered throughout the year. Delivery may vary in response to participant experience and group dynamics.



Sydney Dance Company Youth Ensemble

In 2019, Sydney Dance Company launches their Youth Ensemble. Delivered throughout terms 1, 2 and 3, the Youth Ensemble is for dancers at an intermediate to advanced level ages 14-18.

Aiming to challenge, extend and nurture future contemporary dancers, the Youth Ensemble dancers will have the opportunity to further develop their contemporary and allied dance techniques, create and explore their own movement, and learn and rehearse contemporary dance choreography in a professional context.

Informed by Sydney Dance Company’s innovative approach to dance education, this program will offer young dancers insights into their identity as an artist, what the world of professional contemporary dance is like and a chance to further develop as a dancer. Designed to work in conjunction with the dancers’ studio training, this is an extension program for those with the passion, drive and curiosity to explore their contemporary dance training further. The Youth Ensemble will also support those studying HSC Dance in school.

Involvement in the Sydney Dance Company Youth Ensemble is by application only. Applicants can be enrolled in secondary school while training at a local dance studio or a fulltime dance instruction. It is recommended applicants are participating in a minimum of 2 hours a week of dance training outside of the Sydney Dance Company Youth Ensemble. Successful applicants will be required to enrol in the full program for 2019 (three terms, commencing 17 February 2019).

Focus Areas:

  • Technique: Sydney Dance Company Youth Ensemble dancers will be extended through the development of contemporary dance techniques. Focus is placed on exposing dancers to a wide variety of contemporary dance techniques often used in a professional contemporary dance context.
  • Conditioning: To enable dancers to challenge themselves, the ensemble will build strength, flexibility and control through tailored conditioning programs, drawing from yoga, Pilates, Alexander Technique and applied movement and behaviour principles.
  • Improvisation: Youth Ensemble dancers will explore their own unique movement style and be challenged to experiment and push the boundaries of movement. Dancers will be guided through improvisation task work, a key element in contemporary dance, and encouraged to explore a variety of movement qualities.
  • Choreography: Through creative task work and improvisation, Youth Ensemble dancers will have the opportunity to develop their own movement phrases. Dancers will also work with teachers and choreographers to create and develop pieces which will be rehearsed and presented at an informal showing in the studio at the completion of the program.
  • Artistry: Through all aspects of the Youth Ensemble program dancers will be encouraged to explore their own identity as an artist. They will be challenged to self-reflect, explore their creativity and develop maturity as a dancer and an artist.

Youth Ensemble, ages 14-18
24 x Sundays, 10.30am-1.30pm

Upfront fee with 5% discount $1,377.50 due 8 February 2019


Instalment 1 ($800.00): due 8 February 2019
Instalment 2 ($650.00): due 15 May 2019

Fee includes Sydney Dance Company t-shirt.

Application process:

Applications for 2019 are closed. Please sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date with future opportunities.


Who are the youth courses for?
Sydney Dance Company courses are for young people ages 8-11 and 12-15 excited by dance. The course requires no prior experience to participate. Catering to a diversity of experience, the classes allow all young dancers to explore and develop their own unique potential.

The Youth Ensemble is for experienced dancers aged 14-18 who participate in a minimum of 2 hours a week of dance training in addition to the Sydney Dance Company Youth Ensemble program.

How many dancers will be allowed in the class?
Classes will have a maximum of 26 dancers to enable individual attention and a collaborative ensemble to form to encourage interesting and creative group expression.

What do I wear?
Wear casual dance wear, something that you already have and feel comfortable in eg. dance tights and top, leotard and tights with skirt or shorts over the top, track pants and t-shirt/singlet top.  Wear cotton socks or dance bare feet. Flesh canvas ballet flats that support the growing foot, are optional.

What do I bring?
Please bring a bottle of water and a snack if required. Take your bags into the studio with you and leave valuables at home.

Where are you located and how do I get there?
ReadyMade Works studios which is located at Level 1, 247–257 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo. Click here for how to get to ReadyMade Works.

Can parents observe the classes?
Friends and family are welcome to attend the last 30 minutes of the final class each term where students will demonstrate their progress and perform choreographed pieces in an informal and relaxed environment.  This is not a performance but an opportunity for the students to share their work.

How do I enrol?
Please enrol online.  Parents/Guardians will be asked to create an account for themselves, once created, create an account for each child you wish to enrol.  Enrol in the selected course and then checkout. If you wish to enrol multiple children or purchase multiple class, click on the button before checking out. The Youth Ensemble is by application only. Please click here to apply.

What is the cancellation policy?
We do not provide refunds or credits for change of mind or other personal circumstances.  We can provide a credit note if the cancellation is due to a medical reason and a medical certificate is provided.

Child Safe Environment
Students will be supervised by our Teachers at all times. Please ensure that students are collected on time after each class. All Teachers at Sydney Dance Company have a valid Working With Children Check and adhere to Sydney Dance Company’s Child Protection Policy and Values for Children and Young People.

Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. While Sydney Dance Company takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class you must at all times take care of your own personal safety. If an advertised teacher is suddenly unavailable, due to circumstances beyond our control, a replacement teacher with similar attributes and qualifications will be employed.