Engage: With the Company

Rafael Bonachela

Insight into Ocho with Rafael Bonachela

18 April 2017

Rafael Bonachela’s latest creation, Ocho, features eight virtuosic dancers, a surging electronic score by Nick Wales and an industrial dreamscape. In this interview, Raf discusses the inspiration and creative process behind Ocho, and reflects on some of his favourite memories from his eight years as Artistic Director of… Read more

charmene yap

Moonlight Moments

28 March 2017

To celebrate the upcoming world premiere of Orb, we’re inviting you to share your favourite Moonlight Moments for the chance to win a $100 iTunes gift card. From dancing in the moonlight to star-gazing, checking your horoscope to watching Werewolf, we want to see how… Read more

Authentic Movement

Pre-Professional Year: Authentic Improvisation

27 March 2017

“Working with the incredible Narelle Benjamin, we were given the chance to explore the biology of our organs, fascia, cerebral spinal fluid, skeleton and muscles. I discovered how this knowledge can be embodied and enrich our authentic improvisation – an innate skill that I first… Read more

Nelson Pre-hab

Pre-hab Interview with Company Dancer Nelson Earl

23 March 2017

How long have you been completing your pre-hab program? I have been completing my pre-hab program since the beginning of this year when it was prescribed for me. Did you know about pre-hab and its benefits prior to beginning these sessions?  I did in fact know about… Read more

Richard Cilli w/ PPY Students

Pre-Professional Year: Working with Richard Cilli

17 March 2017

“Recently we have been working with former Company dancer Richard Cilli learning Sydney Dance Company repertoire, 2 in D Minor choreographed by Rafael Bonachela, which has been incredible. With his first hand insight and his awesome analogies, all the Pre-Professional Year students have been able to gain so… Read more

Izzac Carroll in Philadelphia

Company dancer (trainee) Izzac Carroll On Tour in the USA

08 March 2017

From Pre-Professional Year student to Company dancer (trainee), we asked Izzac Carroll to give us the inside scoop on what it’s like to be traveling with Sydney Dance Company for the first time: 1. Tell us a bit about your journey from Pre-Professional Year to Company… Read more

PPY Dancer Laura Vlasic

Pre-Professional Year: Working with Ayman Harper

03 March 2017

“We were privileged to have Ayman Harper as our guest teacher last week. Having worked closely with William Forsythe, Ayman focused on lines and the deconstruction of the foundation of classical movement. We explored repertoire from William Forsythe’s Enemy in the Figure which was both incredible… Read more

Josie Prehab

Pre-hab Interview with Company Dancer Josephine Weise

01 March 2017

How long have you been completing your pre-hab program? We trialled our pre-hab programs for roughly three weeks at the beginning of the year. Following that period, we try to maintain these programs where we can find time throughout the day. Did you know about… Read more


Pre-Professional Year 2017 so far…

17 February 2017

Our  Pre-Professional Year are just wrapping up three weeks of their studies, here’s some insights from the students on what they’ve learned so far: “If I could sum up it up in one word it would be AUTHENTIC. Authenticity in our turnout, authenticity in our improvisation and… Read more

Pre-hab with Josie and Ashlea

Pre-hab Interview with Company Physiotherapist Ashlea Mary Cohen

13 February 2017

What is pre-hab? Pre-hab is a protective approach to avoid pain and injury. It involves exercises that improve and maintain spinal mobility, enhance muscle strength & endurance, proprioception and joint control. What is the importance of pre-hab, specifically for dancers? Pre-hab training allows dancers to… Read more