Engage: Pre-Professional Year

Mani Gre

Pre-Professional Year 2017: Week 1 with Marni Green

03 February 2017

They’ve only just begun, but as week 1 of our Pre-Professional Year course comes to an end, student dancer Marni Green gave us an insight into her experience so far: ‘I would never have thought that after only one week of PPY, that my mind would have… Read more

PPY17 website 2

Pre-Professional Year 2017 Auditions

18 July 2016

Applications to audition for our 2017 Pre-Professional Year course are officially open. This one year intensive provides a unique opportunity for aspiring professional dancers to attend a nationally accredited course with one of Australia’s leading contemporary dance companies. Led by Course Director Linda Gamblin, the Pre-Professional program is… Read more

PPY 2016

Allie Graham: My First Term in the Pre-Professional Year

11 March 2016

The Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year course is giving me the opportunity to develop and extend my personal style of movement, refine my technical skills, deepen my understanding of the body and challenge the possibilities of movement. Linda Gamblin and Shane Carroll have made me… Read more

GezXavierMansfieldPhotography2015-1PP15-3-12-15_From The Feet Up_

Pre-Professional Year Class of 2016

09 December 2015

We are thrilled to announce the 24 aspiring young Australian and New Zealand dancers selected to take part our Pre-Professional Year program in 2016. Now in its third year, this 12-month intensive provides a unique training experience for aspiring contemporary dancers to train alongside the Sydney Dance… Read more

Daniel Russell

Where are they now: 2014 PPY Student Daniel Russell

12 August 2015

Over two months ago now, I set off on a plane, with New York City as the final destination. I recently completed the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Centre on scholarship.Since I’ve been in New York I’ve been auditioning, and actually landed my very first audition… Read more


Where are they now, Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Year

07 August 2015

We are extremely proud of the first graduating class of our Pre-Professional Year 2014. Many dancers are currently pursuing opportunities to explore their own independent artistic ideas and collaborations. Some dancers are following pathways into companies and other productions: Sam Young-Wright, Sydney Dance Company Sam joined… Read more


Working with Iratxe Ansa

13 May 2015

Student Viola Iida reflects on her time working with Iratxe Ansa in Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year: After an incredible first term and a relaxing dance-free holiday, I clearly did not know what I was in for in term two! The super energetic Iratxe Ansa and her… Read more


My first term in the Pre-Professional Year

25 March 2015

Student Mana Ogawa reflects on her favourite thing about Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year so far: As a student who has majored in Classical ballet over the past few years, I had never done much yoga before. When I found out there were daily classes… Read more