Engage: Pre-Professional Year


Where are they now, Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Year

07 August 2015

We are extremely proud of the first graduating class of our Pre-Professional Year 2014. Many dancers are currently pursuing opportunities to explore their own independent artistic ideas and collaborations. Some dancers are following pathways into companies and other productions: Sam Young-Wright, Sydney Dance Company Sam joined… Read more


Working with Iratxe Ansa

13 May 2015

Student Viola Iida reflects on her time working with Iratxe Ansa in Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year: After an incredible first term and a relaxing dance-free holiday, I clearly did not know what I was in for in term two! The super energetic Iratxe Ansa and her… Read more


My first term in the Pre-Professional Year

25 March 2015

Student Mana Ogawa reflects on her favourite thing about Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year so far: As a student who has majored in Classical ballet over the past few years, I had never done much yoga before. When I found out there were daily classes… Read more


Thomas Bradley on Working with our Pre-Professional Year

20 March 2015

Our 2015 Pre-Professional Year recently spent a two week intensive with former Sydney Dance Company dancer Thomas Bradley. Here, Thomas recaps on his improvisation process that he passed on to students: During my time with the Pre-Professional Year students, I was interested in developing a… Read more


Our Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Year

10 October 2014

Our Class of 2014 Pre-Professional Year share their moments of inspiration and revelation with you ahead of their graduation performance PPY14 Revealed. #SDCPPY14 View the gallery and a special message from our students below.  Photos by Peter Greig.


GALLERY: Pre-Professionals in Rehearsal for PPY14 Revealed

26 September 2014

Our Pre-Professionals have been busy preparing for their graduation performance PPY14 Revealed showing on 13 October at Sydney Theatre. Here’s a photo gallery of them working with Craig Bary and Kristina Chan on Tanja Liedtke’s To My Suite, first created on Kristina and Craig 12 years ago.PPY14 Revealed includes… Read more

Pedro fixing lighting for kelsey Smith

Behind the Scenes: Pre-Professional Year Photo Shoot

27 June 2014

Our Pre-Professional Year had some fun in our workshop room earlier this week, working with our resident multi-media artist Peter Greig on a special photo shoot. VIEW the gallery below. Thanks to Pre-Professional Year student Phillipa Mills for taking these special pics! For more information… Read more

Phillipa Mills with choreographer Alejandro Rolandi

My time in the Pre-Professional Year so far

20 June 2014

I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year when Course Director Linda Gamblin offered me a place on the phone. Since 16, Sydney Dance Company has been an inspiration for me throughout my dance training.  Taking up the position was some what intimidating as… Read more

Working hard - students Olympia Kotopoulos, Isaac Di Natale, Angela Walker and Stephanie Fernandez. Photo by Richard Freeman

GALLERY: Pre-Professional Year Class of 2014

22 May 2014

A sneak peek into the studio with our Pre-Professional Year students and teaching staff. For more information and to register your interest for our 2015 Pre-Professional Year click here.