Engage: Crazy Times Creative Team Interviews


Choreographer, Antony Hamilton

07 February 2017

Read about how choreographer Antony Hamilton became involved in dance and what his thoughts are on creating movement. How did you become involved in dance? I was very young when I began dancing. My cousins were dancers so it was a normal part of our… Read more


Lighting Designer, Benjamine Cisterne

07 February 2017

Read about lighting designer, Benjamine Cisterne’s inspirations and process in approaching lighting design. What interested you in having a career in Lighting Design? When I was a kid, I really enjoyed pulling things apart and working out how to put them back together. I was… Read more


Costume Designer, Paula Levis

07 February 2017

Read about Costume Designer, Paula Levis creative process as part of the Crazy Times team. How did you become a costume designer? I remember being a child, I just loved drawing. I can also remember designing dresses and costumes for my Barbie dolls, so I… Read more


Dramaturge, Matthew Whittet

07 February 2017

Read about Matthew Whittet’s beginnings as a dramaturge and experience with Crazy Times. What is a dramaturge? A dramaturge works with the artistic team to help clarify their vision for the production and works as an advisor on themes and ideas. How did you become… Read more


Composer, Julian Hamilton

07 February 2017

Here we chat to composer Julian Hamilton about his love for music and his role on Crazy Times! Can you tell us what originally drew you to explore music? I can remember being about four years old, and my Nan had a piano at her… Read more