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Big Dance Video

VIDEO: Big Dance Australia

17 July 2014

Dance history was made on Sunday when 6000 people in Sydney, London and Glasgow celebrated Sydney Dance Company’s 45th anniversary by performing Rafael Bonachela’s ‘Beats for Peace’ as part of Big Dance 2014. VIEW the video by clicking the red video tab above.  “Dance has… Read more


GALLERY: PPYs Work With Craig Bary

17 July 2014

Last term our Pre-Professionals were lucky enough to work with choreographer and performer Craig Bary for 3 weeks during a rare break in his busy performance schedule. VIEW our gallery below, taken through the eyes of Pre-Professional student Phillipa Mills. Applications are now open for… Read more


GALLERY Big Dance Wrap-Up

14 July 2014

On Sunday 13 July 6000 people in three cities came together for the world’s biggest dance event. This was the first time Sydney had joined the bi annual event as Sydney Dance Company’s Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela was invited to choreograph the routine that was… Read more

photo-8 copy 4

Warm-Up Tips For Big Dance

09 July 2014

Sydney Dance Company Studio Director Ramon Doringo takes you through some simple moves to warm-up and get ready to dance BIG this Sunday! 1. Start with some isolations – circle your head, shoulders, chest, arms and hips. 2. Stand with your hips wide in second,… Read more

Pedro fixing lighting for kelsey Smith

Behind the Scenes: Pre-Professional Year Photo Shoot

27 June 2014

Our Pre-Professional Year had some fun in our workshop room earlier this week, working with our resident multi-media artist Peter Greig on a special photo shoot. VIEW the gallery below. Thanks to Pre-Professional Year student Phillipa Mills for taking these special pics! For more information… Read more

Phillipa Mills with choreographer Alejandro Rolandi

My time in the Pre-Professional Year so far

20 June 2014

I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ to Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year when Course Director Linda Gamblin offered me a place on the phone. Since 16, Sydney Dance Company has been an inspiration for me throughout my dance training.  Taking up the position was some what intimidating as… Read more

Big Dance

VIDEO: ‘Big Dance’ Australia is coming!

19 June 2014

Big Dance is a biennial international festival celebrating dance – in all it’s forms. Initiated by the Mayor of London in 2006, this year, for the first time, Australia will take a lead role in the event. Our Artistic Director, Rafael Bonachela, has choreographed a… Read more


Veronica George Teaching Theatre Jazz

17 June 2014

We are very lucky to have the inspirational Miss Veronica George teaching Theatre Jazz Intermediate on Fridays at 12.30pm, for the next 6 weeks.  Our regular teacher, Leslie Bell will be taking a short break and returns to teach in August. VERONICA GEORGE  Veronica George… Read more


Charlie Bartley Teaching JFH

16 June 2014

We are pleased to announce that Charlie Bartley will be subbing for Andrew De Luna’s Intermediate JFH classes on Tuesdays at 6.30pm and Wednesdays at 8pm from now until August.  Charlie is an amazing dancer and teacher – don’t miss this great opportunity!! WATCH a preview… Read more

Paul 2

Meet Contemporary Teacher Paul Codeiro

13 June 2014

Meet Paul Cordeiro 5 things you may not know about Paul: 1. I am one of 9 children, born in Singapore 2. My pet fighting fish “Bulldog” just died 3. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think…. I wish I had hair 4. I… Read more