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Freedom to Fail: Reflections from PPY17 Student Lilly Smith

19 October 2017

By Lilly Smith My understanding of PPY was as a prestigious and challenging year that would help propel me into the dance industry. I wanted to learn from a variety of industry professionals and receive as much information as I could to prepare myself for… Read more


Dancer Origins

11 October 2017

Discover the stories behind the artists who perform on the Sydney Dance Company stage through four short films. Each dancer brings their story, their identity to every performance. See where their journey has taken them. Dancer Origins Ep 1: How we Started To Dance From first… Read more


Behind the Production Elements of ‘2 One Another’

25 September 2017

“The intention of the production design of 2 One Another is to frame the action, while my intention as costume designer is to get out of the way of that action while simultaneously dressing it.” (Tony Assness) We had a brief chat with Production Designer… Read more

2OA In Rehearsals

Inside the Music and Poetry for ‘2 One Another’

19 September 2017

The score in 2 One Another is a journey in four movements, exploring the different emotive qualities that can surface when we relate to one another. It brings together a range of existing music with original composition by Nick Wales and the poetic phrases by Samuel… Read more

2OA Rehearsals 2012

Into the Archives: A History of ‘2 One Another’

12 September 2017

Rafael Bonachela‘s international masterpiece, 2 One Another, is returning to Sydney this October in celebration of its monumental 100th performance. This award-winning production first premiered in Sydney in March 2012. It was created over three months with Sydney Dance Company’s 16 dancers (see original cast here)… Read more

Alex Mencinsky PPY17

Pre-Professional Year 2017: Working with Lucas Jervies

23 August 2017

“When you are asked to try everything you have ever done all at once, at first it seems like an impossible task with an unattainable outcome. However, handing over the task to your body in a movement stream of consciousness surprisingly opens up a world… Read more

PPY Dancer Brad Carter

PPY17: Transitioning from Dancer to Artist

16 August 2017

Brad Carter is a Pre-Professional Year 2017 student. In this Q&A, he discusses how his ideas about contemporary dance have changed over the year. Why did you want to join Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year? I joined PPY to focus on making the transition from… Read more

Patricia Wood with students

Education Workshop Tour: On the Road with Teaching Artist Patricia Wood

25 July 2017

Our professional teaching artists tour alongside the Company, bringing education workshops to schools and communities around Australia. In this interview, Teaching Artist Patricia Wood discusses her role, from observing the Company in rehearsal to teaching primary students repertoire and instilling them with confidence and creativity.… Read more