Engage: 50 Years, 50 Memories

Poppy_GMurphy the hospital scene

#3: Poppy (1978)

22 February 2019

Photographer Branco Gaica has shot thousands of photographs of Sydney Dance Company. “I developed all those photos by hand, so when I look at the images, I reimagine the night. One I’ve still got on my wall at home is Kim Walker in After Venice:… Read more

Nude Live

#2: Nude Live (2017)

14 February 2019

Nude Live was a game-changing collaboration between Sydney Dance Company and the Art Gallery NSW, in which the dancers bared their bodies (and their souls) to respond to paintings, sculptures and photographs of nudes through the ages. “I have so many incredible memories of my… Read more

Narnia 1973

#1: NARNIA (1973)

07 February 2019

In 1973 Sydney Dance Company, then called The Dance Company, were a young company with uncontainable ambitions. Choreographer and dancer Chrissie Koltai remembers creating Narnia for the Sydney Opera House’s opening season, a mini-masterpiece acclaimed for its trailblazing music and sets, and dancers “coolly radiating… Read more