#19: International Touring

19 June 2019

International touring is invaluable in connecting Australian dance companies to the global dance community. Over its history, Sydney Dance Company has travelled to 95 cities in 26 different countries around the world: from New York to Noumea, England to Equador, Athens to Auckland, Paris to Pusan, Madrid to Moscow, Turkey to Taiwan, as well as many repeat visits to dance capitals such as New York, Paris, London and Shanghai.

Tokyo _GM Edited
Graeme Murphy explores in Shibuya, Tokyo (Synergy with Synergy on tour, 1994)

Synergy with Synergy by Graeme Murphy (premiered 1992 at Sydney Opera House)

In the early days of Ballet in Nutshell and Athletes & Dancers, ‘touring’ was traversing three different suburbs in one day, or numerous country towns in a week. The mode of transport was a station wagon, and the dancers were also the bump-in, bump-out crew. Costumes were washed in the motel basin and motel accommodation was in as few rooms as possible. Conditions are much slicker these days, but the schedule is still gruelling.

ON Tour
The American debut of Sydney Dance Company  May 27 – 31, 1981. New York City Centre

In the first half of 2018 alone, the Company toured to Santiago, (Chile), Paris (France), Belgrade (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Wolfsburg (Germany).

Company Dancer Jacopo Grabar on tour in Taiwan (2018)

In 2019, the Company takes ab [intra] to Austria, Finland, Poland and Spain in a year book-ended by two seasons of ambitious world premiere works.

Poland Raf 8
Company dancers Holly Doyle, Liam Green, Emily Seymour and Dean Elliott on tour in Poland (2019).

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